Monday, April 30, 2007

The British are Coming!

Everything in DC's on fire! First, the Eastern Market fire this morning, and now, the Georgetown Public Library.

Since we're still 7 years away from the bicentennial of the British burning of the city, I'm a bit reluctant to blame Royalist Terrorists at this point. Still- I think someone should keep an eye on Christopher Hitchens just in case.

Wish I could find a picture of Bush fiddling.

Prestigious Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies Welcomes Secretary Chertoff

Got this invitation in the email this morning:


The Johns Hopkins University
Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies
Center for Transatlantic Relations

Invites you to attend a lecture
By Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security

Michael Chertoff

"Addressing Transnational Threats in the 21st Century"

Thursday, May 3 at 12:30 p.m.


OK, three quick ones for Chertoff:

∞ Can we expect a spike in transnational threats as we creep towards November of 2008?

∞ Is a low pressure system that originates off the coast of Africa and generates high winds as it crosses through the Caribbean considered a "transnational threat?"

∞ Why don't you give this lecture in New Orleans? Oh yeah that's right- it's gone.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

ROUNDUP: Jeff's highlights of the week

Jeff spends a lot of time on the roof of our building thinking things through. Three highlights from this week:

∞ Observed that people who live or work together seem to have dreams in bursts at more or less the same time. Pscychic pheromones?

∞ Told me a joke Gore Vidal told him at a party 10 years ago: Apparently Vidal had met Nixon and asked him what he thought of George HW Bush. "Oh, he's not much of anything... you can always push him around... but his wife-- she's special! She's vicious!" When Jeff delivered the punch line, it was as Gore Vidal impersonating Richard Nixon.

∞ Informed me that his computer has something called "The Blue Screen of Death."

Assonance + Alliteration

Laron Landry, Strong Safety for your Washington Wedskins.

No shoes thrown at the TV.

Friday, April 27, 2007

No Chitlins Left Behind

Why is it that Washington DC, with all the GDP and IQ flying around this joint, has such a knack for making things look uncool? UnderConsideration explains.


Three bad ideas for a blog

1. In which I hang out on my roof with a digital camera and post photographs and schedules of inbound and outbound helicopter traffic over DC.

2. Where I liveblog the progress of the plants on my windowsill.


Three things I might do this weekend

1. "Work on my resume"
2. "Identify a networking opportunity"
3. Shout at the TV when the Redskins give their draft picks to the Bears for linebacker Lance Briggs of on draft day.

Three highlights of last night's Democratic Party debate

1. Gravel: "Tell me, Obama, who do you want to nuke?"
2. Gravel: "Biden has that certain arrogance."
3. Edwards: "I'm not- I'm not sure I understood the question."

Three things my boss has told me:

1. Iran and Al Qaeda are the same thing. Also Iraq.
2. Islam is violent
3. "One thing we need to do is get a travel agent, because I tried doing the whole thing on the email (!!) and I'll tell you they just don't give you the quality of service you need probably because they're in, you know, India or something. So can you do that? Here's my password."

Three rules to live by:

1. Never fight a land war in Asia
2. Never fight a two-front war
3. Never, ever fight a two front land war in Asia