Tuesday, May 15, 2007

RON PAUL lights up the blogosphere!

Top searches in Technorati today: RON PAUL!
These are strange days. This can only mean one of two things:
1. Ron Paul, obscure Congressman and long shot Presidential candidate, has his finger on the pulse of what moves America's blogiverse.
2. Ron Paul pays an army of 12-year old Indonesians 2¢/day to run searches on his name:


Claudia Reiher said...

Amen. If Fox News and ABC News think their own polls are so bogus) especially the ever-annoying Sean Hannity), why do they even bother running them?

Henry said...

Funny and true. We The People are beginning to wake up from our 4 generation long slumber. Ron Paul 08

kungpao said...

Wait, four generations-- that's the civil war, isnt it?