Monday, July 9, 2007

London Calling

From London, an old friend signs off an email on a dark note:

Mate – I’m off home. Apocalyptic rain over here. Didn’t stop for about three weeks. About 50,000 homeless in Yorkshire. Climate chaos. And I’m on a mountain bike. Love it. Never going on a tube again. The fear started to melt my brain every time I took it. stops in the sealed tunnels. No PA announcement. Hot death eye blurring internal rising panic. Bike, bus, train or cab for me.


Trader Burge said...

DC calling London is more like it. Summer has been drowned. This isn't the usual drizzle that yank tourists gripe about. Looking up at the sky is like the opening sequences of V. Though to me it's just rain - i live in central London, where we have gutters and drains.

We've got confused fascists constructing very poor explosive devices. But we struggle on defiant.

The pubs are full, the skirts are short and morals are loose. People are about as worried as if a bad car accident happened on a stretch of road they don't use.

kungpao said...

That's good. FOX News (your SKY) has been making lots of miles terrorizing its American peasantry viewers with the London thing. Al Qaeda without Rupert Murdoch is like Rabas without Limon.

Trader Burge said...

Fear-mongers find few customers over here. All we care about is working and drinking and shopping. Seriously.

We are suspicious and hostile to ALL ideas and ideology. Freedom for us is freedom from dickheads.

kungpao said...

I've got the Clash in my head big time. Need to do some work on Limewire.