Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mad Libs: Bush's Commencement Address

(May 23, 2007)

"The men and women of the {1. ORGANIZATION} know how to navigate the storm. We're counting on you to help America {2. VERB} the {3. PLURAL NOUN} that lie ahead. As you begin your {4. ADJECTIVE} careers, you can approach the future with confidence, because our nation has faced dangerous {5. MARSUPIALS} before, and emerged victorious every time. {6. A JOB} can try to {7. VERB} the {8. NOUN}, but they cannot {REPEAT 7}the desire for {9. A BREAKFAST MEAT} that burns in the {10. AN INTERNAL ORGAN} of millions across the earth. The power of freedom defeated the ideologies of {11. A SUPERMAN FOE} and {12. A BATMAN FOE} in the last century, and freedom will defeat the {13. ADMINISTRATION CLICHE} ideologies of the terrorists in this century."

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