Friday, June 1, 2007

Outrage-ometer: IN THE RED

5.45: Slate's Dahlia Lithwick on Vote Caging. This has legs.

7.72: The "50 Years of American Military Presence in Iraq" idea is gaining traction among small clique of mentally disabled policymakers. NOTE TO BUSH: This is why people fly airplanes into our cities. Imperialism is trés 19th Century.

9.01: Global War on Terror in Africa not working out too well, either. Somalia in a state of collapse that is bad even by the tragic standards of Africa's Horn. Anthony Shadid writes about the humanitarian side.


DeTocqueville said...

50 Years In Iraq? We don't "do" disengagement very well. We could "leave" next week, but Fallujah will probably resemble Okinawa in 2035.

kungpao said...

The only thing that's driving Al Qaeda is the idea of America as empire. We'll leave Iraq the same way the British left Palestine and the French Algeria, with a hell of a bill to pay, and a shitty taste in our mouths.

Remember: If we hadn't left troops in Saudi Arabia in the 90's, Osama would be smoking pot in some Dubai Penthouse, blowing the family fortune on Moldovan Hookers and probably working on his application essay to SAIS.

It's different. I don't know how it's different but it is. I think the Japanese, Italians, Germans and Koreans had legitimate fears of Communism or the Russians or the Chinese and welcomed us-- I don't think anyone other than the Kurds and the Kuwaitis would host us, and make the choice to trade a bit of their sovereignty for more security.

And Fallujah already looks like Okinawa, but in 1945.